Providing conference and conference management services events management & organization, media & ads, and digital marketing to our partners through our deep understanding of local culture and our adoption of global best practices

about us

A group of youthful energies and outstanding leaders (think, create and produce) to be the number one among the many effective youth institutions, experience of more than 25 years in many fields one of the exhibitions and events that was the great supporter of many companies and institutions hence, the idea of our company (Ghaya Entertainment Company) was born.

It offers a wide range of services, starting from holding exhibitions and festivals and equip it and set up workshops for the occasion and distribute the tasks to each party according to jurisdiction, We save you from the hassle of equipping your space with the latest equipment and innovative ideas that fit your activity and your appearance is distinctive and sophisticated far from being pretentious and we are always looking for distinct ideas let us leave our mark on everything we do.

Ghaya Company